Principal Investigator

Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students

Alumni and Former Trainees

Who When Next destination
Jonathan Wood (co-advised with Susanne Morton) PhD student (2018-2023) Postdoc at Moss Rehabilitation Institute
Jonathan Tsay (primary advisor: Rich Ivry) PhD student (2018-2023) Starting as Asst. Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in 2024
John Buggeln PhD student (2022-2023) PhD student in Cashaback Lab at University of Delaware
Joie Tang Undergraduate RA and lab manager (2019-2023) DPT student at University of Delaware
Heran Yosef Undergraduate RA and lab manager (2020-2022) Med school student at Thomas Jefferson University
Nicholas Sekulski Undergraduate RA (2021-2022) Master’s student in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at University of Delaware
Kaneel Senevirathne Master’s student (2020-2021) AI/ML Researcher at Johns Hopkins University
Megan Phillips Summer rotation student (2020) Undergraduate Psych student at Wayne State University
Gabby Kowalski Lab manager (2020) OTD student at The Ohio State University
Chanel Smith Undergraduate RA (2019-2020) Quality Control Microbiologist at AGC