Welcome to the Computation, Cognition, and Movement (CCM) Lab at The University of British Columbia! We are a research group studying human motor learning.

    the human body
    moves with purpose, ease and grace
    how does it do so?
CCM Lab    hyosub.kim@ubc.ca

Recent News

  • (April 10, 2024) Our meta-analysis of the impact of stroke on motor adaptation is now available as a medRxiv preprint. Thanks to Sabrina Abram and Jonathan Tsay for leading this one!

  • (March 5, 2024) Jonathan W's study on Reinforcement learning during locomotion is now published in eNeuro!

  • (February 6, 2024) Our preprint on explicit and implicit locomotor learning in individuals with stroke is now online. This was a project led by Jonathan Wood in collaboration with several other researchers from University of Delaware.

  • (December 4, 2023) Welcome to the two newest members of the CCM Lab, Rebecca Niven and Amanda Arteaga!

  • (October 27, 2023) Our paper on the bayes-toolbox Python package has been published by the Journal of Open Source Software!

  • (October 27, 2023) Belated welcome to the newest member of the CCM Lab, Davin Hu! Davin will be working on a project related to sensorimotor adaptation and perception for the next year.

  • (September 13, 2023) Jonathan's project examining reinforcement learning during locomotion is now available as a preprint on bioRxiv.

  • (August 29, 2023) Congratulations to Jonathan for an excellent (and, obviously, successful) dissertation defense! Can't wait to follow Jonathan's next steps as he begins a postdoc with Aaron Wong at Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute!

  • (August 2, 2023) JT and his team have published a preprint on PsyArXiv that proposes a "3R" framework (Reasoning, Refinement, and Retrieval) for better understanding the use of strategies in motor learning.

  • (May 6, 2023) Jonathan's new paper published in Journal of Neuroscience Methods!

  • (April 26, 2023) New preprint submitted to PsyArXiv on bayes-toolbox, our Python package for Bayesian statistical modeling.

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